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Hyggechip - the possible answer to lack of well-being!


  • Frequency-informed carrier material in the form of the Hyggechip, which gently and evenly delivers these targeted frequencies to the organism for up to 12 months.
  • Ideally placed on the sternum.
  • HyggeEnergy only during the day, HyggeSleep only in the evening and during night hours, all other Hyggechip types 24/7.
  • For proof see under the cell biological test.

"The results of the software evaluation showed that after 21 hours for the control without the frequency-programmed chip, the remaining cell-free space was still about 15 % of the total area. In contrast, this cell-free space was significantly lower at about 8 % due to the use of the frequency-programmed chip. This means that the chip significantly improved cell regeneration (Fig. 1)."