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Hyggechip - the possible answer to lack of well-being!


Not a day without Hyggechip
Fatigue combined with a feeling of sickness and accompanying sweats were my construction sites and culminated in October 2021. In November 2021 I got the Hyggechip. From then on things went uphill and the complaints, especially the annoying sweats were gone.

To my amazement, my Bowtech therapist approached me - she would notice a different body tension, as if a protective film surrounded me.

Sometimes this dynamic effect is more dominant in the upper body, other times in the lower body.

Since Hyggechip has been my daily (24/7) companion, my quality of life has increased immensely. Many thanks for that!

Monika V., 57 years, Mallorca

Cheers to my Hyggechip
"I have been using the Hyggechip in various versions for 1.5 years now and have come to know and appreciate it as a faithful and reliable companion for the most diverse life situations. The Hyggechip works for me gently and discreetly in the background and often leads to a quick relief of acute symptoms, such as scratchy throat or general malaise. Always comfortable to wear and easy to store and carry around, I wouldn't want to miss it as a useful tool in my personal medicine cabinet."

Jan-Lucca S.

Finally less pain and more awareness of life!
Since I got the pain chip from you, I wear it conscientiously every day and also at night. 

The constant severe pain in my cervical spine has been significantly reduced since then, or sometimes it has completely stopped.

Even the total blockage when turning the head improved continuously after 3-4 weeks and currently causes much less problems.

I can now work at my desk again almost without pain and this is an improvement in the quality of life that cannot be overestimated; especially because the doctors said that an improvement in my situation was not possible.

Thank you very much for this valuable object and I hope that it can bring relief to many more people.

Johanna G., Austria, 74 years

Fancy menopause without discomfort?
I would like to share my experience with the Hyggechip, because it has taken away the severe discomfort of my menopause. I suffered from heavy sweating, so much so that I often had to change my entire bedding at night and my hair was also "soaking wet". Very unpleasant and even during the day I was overcome by sudden outbreaks of sweat. Once someone asked me if I had just showered, which was almost impossible on the road. So terrible and I tried to find relief, but nothing helped. But then the Hyggechip. After wearing it, I stopped having extreme sweats in a very short time. I wore it all the time at first, even at night and it got better and better. How wonderful and I am very relieved to be able to sleep peacefully again and not have any more embarrassing, sweaty "appearances". The chip has a calming and obviously balancing effect on me. I hope that it will help many more women through menopause. I can only warmly recommend it. 

Katrin B., Majorca, 49 years


Hyggechip convinces even skeptics!
I would like to share my experiences with the Hyggechip.

As a 26 year old, I suddenly had problems with my hip, more precisely, around the right hip joint.
The pain became so intense within 2 days that I was limping and had difficulty getting out of bed.
Walking upright was no longer possible, it felt as if sand had collected in the joint because every slightest movement caused a sensation of pain.

Since the discomfort came on suddenly and I could not determine the cause, I did not know what to do about it. 

I was then advised to wear the Hyggechip and attach it to the body by means of a tape on the painful area.
At first I did not think that this would have any positive effects, but I tried it anyway and was positively surprised.

Thus, I started wearing the Hyggechip from the 5th day with pain. 

Within a few hours I noticed that the pain had subsided, it was not gone immediately, but I slowly noticed that it was getting better and that suddenly movements were possible again, which 5 hours ago were still causing immense problems.

It took 4 days until I could walk again without restrictions. I wore the Hyggechip day and night and was then free of complaints again.
I simply could not explain this phenomenon and started to perform certain "tests".
Once I deliberately did not wear it in the morning. It took about 6 hours and the pain started again.
I noticed that my body needs between 5 to 6 hours to respond to the Hyggechip. 

As soon as I put the Hyggechip on, it took about 6 hours again for the problems to gradually disappear.
I tried this several times because I find it fascinating that this little Hyggechip has such a big effect on my body.

Each time it was confirmed that after about 6 hours the pain returns when the Hyggechip is not worn or disappears when it is worn. I wore the Hyggechip continuously for the next 2 weeks. When I took it off again, the complaints did not reappear.

The body seems to have completely regenerated.
Even without complaints, I continued to wear the Hyggechip as a pendant on my necklace for the additional build-up.

I was very positively surprised by the Hyggechip.

Stefan R., Klagenfurt, 26 years old

Jill can fall asleep again without fear :)
Our 9-year-old daughter suffers from separation anxiety and has had trouble falling asleep in the evening (every evening!) for months. Plagued by stomach aches, an oppressive feeling in her throat, and most of all anxiety, she could often only find sleep in the middle of the night from overtiredness. This, of course, affected school as well. She was often just tired, concentration suffered, didn't want to go to school, avoided and held back everything possible, psychosomatic stomach pain was the order of the day when stressed. Then in mid-August we received the Hyggechip and we are very impressed! Since Jill wears the Hyggechip, she falls asleep without anxiety, sleeps more and much better and that gives her, but also all of us relaxation. She is also doing better at school. It's incredible the effect the Hyggechip has had on Jill's digestive problems. Since she started wearing it, she has been having bowel movements every day!!! We have not been able to achieve that with herbal or other meds!

She has been wearing the Hyggechip for almost three months and the effect still holds. The Hyggechip does her quite good, Jill loves it and is still happy that it not only helps her in her favorite color dark blue, but also looks beautiful.

Family S., Switzerland, Jill 9 years

Unimagined mental strength kissed awake
The Hyggechip has really helped me a lot. 
I have become more balanced and emotionally stronger. I perceive myself again and realize that I don't get upset anymore when my husband doesn't do something conscientiously; I stay calm and think it's not my problem. I don't have to and I especially can't solve others' problems. Other people's problems don't have to become my problem. These are considerations I have never had. 

I take my own needs more seriously. 

It is amazing how calm I have become. 

I am very grateful that I have been given this chance to reframe my life and most importantly to notice my needs. 

Thank you dear ones. 

I don't know how you did it but I am very grateful. 

Grace K., Switzerland, 70 years

Pain down, sleep quality up
Inflammatory and very painful processes in my knees not only severely affected my range of motion, but punished me with daily insomnia.

A prescribed medication triggered violent protests from my stomach. Another anti-inflammatory remedy caused my eyelids to swell so much that my vision was significantly impaired. 

While searching for alternative treatments, I came across a "trinket" called the Hyggechip (pain). You wear this in your favorite color as a pendant on a necklace. 

Even after wearing it for a short time, the intensity of the pain in my knees decreased so much that I could sleep and walk normally again. After about 2 weeks, slight pain only occurred when I forgot to reattach the Hyggechip after showering. 

I am infinitely grateful to the inventor and manufacturer for the fact that I can move again without restriction and find painless sleep!

Rudolfine H., Austria, 72 years old

Finally something effective against shedding
After contacts with people vaccinated against Covid-19, I suffered without exception from headaches, hoarseness and severe dizziness. 

At exactly the right moment I received the Hyggechip "Shedding". After initial skepticism, I had to realize that this Hyggechip actually spares me from unpleasant symptoms.

If I now have to expect an encounter with vaccinated persons, I wear my jewelry-like Shedding chip on a necklace.

In this way, I remain symptom-free when interacting with vaccinated friends, relatives and others. 

Thank you for this effective product! 

Pauline H., Mallorca, 73 years