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Hyggechip - the possible answer to lack of well-being!


When can I expect an effect?
Immediately, in hours or days, depending on how receptive your body is. It would be recommended to wear the Hyggechip 24 hours (except for the Hyggechip "Energy", which should only be worn during the day).

How long does the effect of the Hyggechip last?
Experience has shown that the Hyggechip performs its service as a biodynamic functional jewelry for up to 12 months. 

Are there any side effects?
No negative side effects are known so far. 

Can I wear the Hyggechip during pregnancy and breastfeeding?
Wearing the Hyggechip during pregnancy and breastfeeding is possible without any problems.

Can children also wear the Hyggechip?
Especially for children and teenagers the Hyggechip has a very prompt and lasting effect.

Do I have to take off the Hyggechip while showering, bathing or swimming?
No, the Hyggechip can be worn all the time. 

Is the Hyggechip suitable for allergy sufferers?
The Hyggechip is made of food-safe material and is suitable for allergy sufferers without any problems. The pendant loop is made of stainless steel, but can also be ordered in 925 sterling silver upon request.

How is the Hyggechip disposed of at the end of its life?
We recommend to dissolve the Hyggechip into its elements by burning it and to return the still valuable remains, as plant fertilizer to the cycle of nature.

Can I use or combine different Hyggechips at the same time?
Yes, this is definitely possible; there is also the special set "Day&Night" (Hyggechip Energy for the day and Hyggechip Sleep for the night).

Furthermore, all available Hyggechips can be used/combined with each other. For example, you could wear the Hyggechip "mental strength" 24 hours on a chain between thymus and thyroid gland, the Hyggechip "pain" punctually on the affected area, using a skin-friendly kinesiological tape.

Is there a right of return?
If, contrary to expectations, you are not satisfied with the Hyggechip, it is possible to return it within 14 days in intact condition.

How should I clean the Hyggechip?
To keep the Hyggechip beautiful for a long time, you should clean it about once a week with lukewarm water and gentle detergent, because body sweat can dull the material. However, if the Hyggechip becomes dull due to aggressive body sweat, this will not affect its effectiveness.